Wedding Transport2018-04-04T10:15:11+12:00

As you can see we have a plethora of buses for wedding transport and two beautiful Vintage Ford Galaxie Convertibles.

What better way to look after your guests than putting on a nice party bus to get them to and from your wedding.

Why hire a boring old bus where the guests, who lets face it, some may not of seen each other for a long time, can’t speak to each other over those awful big seats,  so its nice for a catch up along the way.

The buses can be dressed in flowers, ribbons and if your real keen balloons.

You can pay for the buses out of your wedding budget or its not a lot to ask your guests to put in $20 each for safe comfortable transport, with a few drinks along the way.  Buses range from $600 to $800 one way or $1000 or $1400 return, just let me know what your budget is and I can make it work.

The Ford Galaxies, are two matching Vintage convertibles, with the number plates, LOVE67 and 67LOVE these cars are unique, their are no two matching  Convertible V8 Classic Cars in New Zealand now thats special.  The cars are $650 for three hours, or $250 for a one hour transfer, let me know what your thinking and I can make it happen.

*Prices can depend on where in Auckland pick up is from.